We specialize in getting visibility on Google, plain and simple.

This is the sequence of events for a project with us:

  1. Fill out the Discovery Form (CLICK HERE)
  2. Review short analysis of website and competition
  3. Schedule a 15 minute call or meeting to review terms of the project
  4. Submit payment for first month of service
  5. Watch Google ranking rise over a typical 6-month period


Q: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
A: People use Google to find nearly anything from ‘how to whiten teeth naturally’ to ‘Denver roofing contractor’. The top results for each Google search get the vast majority of traffic. Only a very small percentage of searchers go beyond the first page. Even fewer search in guides like Today, if you want to be found, you need to be on the first page of Google for terms that are relevant to your business.  Search Engine Optimization is the process to get that first page ranking.

Q: How does it work?

A: Using industry best practices, we can make minor changes to your website that are often invisible to anyone except Google.  We can also boost the authority of your site by building the number of references from other locations on the web.  This process can typically take from six to nine months to convince Google that your site is the best authority to send its users to find the right answers to their questions.  Essentially we are a digital ‘moving company’ but instead of moving your household goods from one home to another, we move your website from the back page of Google to the front page for a specific search term.  Just like a physical move, this digital move consumes time, energy, and resources.  And when done right by a qualified expert mover, it can be just as painless.

Q: What qualifies White Flame SEO to do this type of work?

A: Aside from our own first page ranking (for “Denver SEO Expert”), we are a certified Google Partner.  Only a small percentage of search engine agencies earn this distinction.  This certification and our other industry affiliations result in special insight into the mechanics of Google’s search engine.  Also, it demonstrates our commitment to working with Google as a partner rather than an adversary.  In this way, we can ensure our clients the best sustainable results over time.

Q: How can we get started?

A: We only want to work on projects that will get our clients a significant return on their investment.  The Discovery Form on our website (here) the first step.  Once we collect information about a project we validate the opportunity by analyzing the competition and existing website.  We will give a quick overview of our analysis and document our proposal in a Memorandum of Understanding.  Work will begin when payment for the first month is received.

Q: What are the alternatives to Search Engine Marketing?
A: All forms of advertising are alternatives in some way, but the main substitute for driving natural (organic) traffic would be a Pay Per Click (also often called PPC) campaign.  When you do a Google search and get those paid ads at the top of the screen, each time someone clicks on one of those, that ‘click’ costs the advertiser an amount that is determined by a type of auction with other advertisers going for those same terms.  The problem with PPC is that people are increasingly resistant to paid advertising.  No matter what you are willing to pay for ads, only a few percent of the traffic will click on the ad.  Conversely, the first natural return can get up to 40% of the traffic for a given search phrase.  And there is no alternative to getting that volume of traffic, at any price.

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