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Search Engine Marketing

“This stuff can basically make your marketing funnel into an amusement park!”

Have you been struggling with your company’s website that nobody ever even visits? With all the millions of websites out there any business that wants to be successful must project itself effectively on The internet.  White Flame SEO is the best at marketing your website to the search engines and getting you top website rankings.

Why are some websites more successful at getting visibility and attracting customers than others? What is the secret?

It’s essentially required for businesses of all sizes to advertise with a solid web presence and be successful at it! And especially because most other marketing tools gradually age and lose their effectiveness, or become increasingly more expensive and less attractive to the business. In the days before Internet there were a number of ways to successfully advertise…now:

Outdoor signs are subject to stricter Code Enforcement

Radio and TV advertising has gotten ever more expensive and at the same time is less effective as the overall number of stations is declining

Newspapers have lost the war against Craigslist and  online media

Trade shows remain popular as social events but have lost most of their traditional marketing value

Yellow Pages and phone books might as well be delivered directly to the landfill – most aren’t even opened one time

Other forms of outdoor advertising such as bus stops and billboards require a tremendous monthly fee, their results can’t ever be measured, and people pass right by them staring at their smartphones anyway

The Internet has taken its position as the primary way people get information on products and services to by – far surpassing the telephone book. Therefore, businesses must adapt and not just try to keep pace with competitors, but stay one step ahead to stay at the top of the search engine results.  The days of simply placing an order for a full page ad in the yellow pages and enjoying a year’s worth of prime advertising are completely over.  The modern day equivalent is to adapt continuously to the ever-changing rankings on the Internet.  Your website has to stand in the center of 80 million other sites and outshine the others.  Search Engine Optimization is the answer to getting seen online by more potential customers.

Isn’t it enough to have a great looking website?

That’s a good start, but it’s actually far more important to get traffic directed at the website.  Of course, that traffic could be purchased but paid traffic is usually not the hottest prospects.  Naturally appearing at the top of the search results in ‘organic’ listings is much more cost effective just in terms of the number of customers, but also provides traffic that converts to paying customers better too.  The ways this can be done are extremely technically complex and has become a field of research in its own right.  It is not reasonable to expect to be competitive in this specialty while running a business at the same time.  The rules change all the time and require sophisticated tools, deep technical knowledge, and constantly staying up to date through continual education.  The original techniques for marketing your website are no longer effective, and can actually get websites banned from most search engines. And once that happens it is extremely tough to recover and get back into the top rankings.  In fact, sometimes it is just better to start over with a new domain name

We can take the lead in optimizing your website and getting it in front of the most customers! Our knowledge and technical expertise are unparalleled in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization Terms and Definitions

“How do we know we can get the best return for each dollar spent and always come out on top of the competition?”

There are two terms that you as a business owner should be familiar with.  They are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  In short, this just means getting better visibility in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing by appearing higher in the results for the most common terms that customers search for.  Businesses want to show up in the number one position for every web search term they can think of, but usually it is better to be extremely targeted on certain products and very specific search terms that will make the most sense for the business.  Also, most business owners imagine it is extraordinarily expensive to get their websites to the second or even the very first page.  However, this is just not true.  Our Denver SEO Expert will help you climb to the top as quickly as possible, without compromising the safety of your current rankings or the sustainability of any improvements.

A properly marketed website using SEO and SEM can get you there, using many the following based on the plan we make for your business:

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Tags and Meta-tags

Website Submission

Researching Keywords

Optimizing Title Tags

Optimizing Robots.txt

Site mapping

Validating W3C

Optimizing HTML Source Code

Editing Content

Optimizing Image & Hyperlink

Optimizing Web 2.0 and Social Media

Social Bookmarks

Preparing Blog

Writing Press Releases

Submitting Articles

Optimizing YouTube Videos

Configuring RSS Feeds

Developing Links

Making Manual Link Requests to Related Sites

Linking to Local & International Search Engines & Directories

Establishing One-Way Links/Two Way Links

Tagging Titles

Optimizing Images

Developing HTML

Coding ASP. And Other Languages Such as Java and Flash

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